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“We’ve got nothing to say and no time to look after a twitter account”, is a well worn rejection resource stretched SME’s (Small to medium business’) throw back when prodded. But what if you’re already being tweeted about by your customers or competitors? Open your twitter account now and search for your brand. You need to own your social media message & not leave it to others.

How would you manage my twitter account?

Most businesses have times they leave the office and attend an event / conference. All you have to do is tell us what your event calendar is & we’ll do the rest, broadcasting your shindigs across Twitter & not making typos.

We’ll look out for cultural events we can piggyback. For example, York racecourse has nearly 20 racing fixtures every year. If you’re a hat supplier this is a big deal. Using #Yorkracecourse we’d could jump into relevant conversations and push promotional tweets into the narrative.