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Social media divides business owners. Anti-facebook sentiment such as “we don’t want to encourage negative reviews”, “it’s for kids” & “we haven’t got time to manage social media campaigns”. Such classic rejections are so #1990’s, facebook now offers business pages and we are experts at building them. Yes there’s a lot of hype around facebook marketing typically pedaled by those selling it as a silver bullet to all your marketing woes but for some companies it’s a very good fit.

So what?

Here is the holy trinity of why you should call us to press your facebook launch button.

  1. Your competitor has a business facebook page and is eating your market share
  2. You’re forward thinking enough to embrace two-way communication
  3. Your offering is a good fit for facebook a bit like “bling dog collars” not like “funeral services”

But stop right there! DIY enthusiasts step back from the keyboard. Setting facebook business pages takes planning and additional app firepower to ensure your page doesn’t look like something you rushed over your ever decreasing lunch break. We’ll help you deploy a professional social media presence, all you have to do is sit back and watch your fan count go northwards.