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Social Media

Remember blowing up a balloon as a kid and the joy of letting go as it deflated rapidly zig-zagging over ducking heads to the tune of a prolonged raspberry. Yes, well that’s the sound your social media campaign will make if you approach Twitter and Facebook without a strategy and that’s where we come in.

Yes we’ll push all the knobs and tweak all the dials to get your social media platforms match fit, but we’ll have a clear direction aligned with your business objectives.

Oh yeah, tell me?

If you were a wedding chair cover supplier we’d connect your campaign to wedding planners, hotel managers & regional wedding specialists. Now connected, we’d not just shout about your offering, we’d encourage engagement. Enabling apps in your facebook business page we’d run offers, competitions and cracking imagery, such as before & after pics.

We’d piggy back relevant #conversations in Twitter so you fish in the right pond, we’ll show you how to drive Twitter like a pro and train you how to deal with negative feedback should that ever happen.