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In April 2013 Twitter launched its own ads platform offering organisations another digital channel to promote brands. Twitter ads can be spotted as tweets with a small footnote at the base of the message which starts “Promoted by…” Twitter campaigns have two objectives: gain more followers and / or get more clicks on your tweets.

So what?

You may be a local patisserie specialising in cupcakes & wedding cakes. We could configure a Twitter campaign to push your company into the twitter stream of any user interested in the BBC production “Great British Bake Off”, for example. You may be a national travel agency specialising in Golf breaks in Scotland. We could configure a campaign to promote your golf breaks in Twitter accounts interested in Golf and living in London.

I’m too busy for Twitter

You won’t have to be tied to making the tweets yourself, we’ll look after the tweet schedule saving you time & we’ll always demonstrate effectiveness with clear reporting every step of the way.