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facebook ads tune into members profiles. For example if your relationship status is changed to engaged ads offering engagement rings and wedding services may appear. If your profile lists professional skills as photography and you live in York you might see ads published from York Camera Mart.

It’s this type of personal tuning that has attracted a lot of brands to invest in facebook advertising and has offered an alternative / compliment to the ever omnipresent Google Adwords.

So what?

If you’re a local legal practice based in York for example, and you want to attract clients looking for divorce solicitors then facebook offers an opportunity. For example, if you changed your marital status to “divorced” or “its complicated” we would configure the ads to appear and in an instant you’ve reached targeted prospects.

If you’re a personal fitness coach wanting to attract more members to your outdoor park training sessions we could tune the ads to only appear within a specific geographic radius of the park, age group and critically at members with an interest in fitness.