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Enter the brand phrase “K Swiss trainers” (the trainers with two more stripes than adidas, cunning!) in Google search. The paid search listings can be spotted as the top three results (on a desktop) backed by beige and then run down the far right column. The organic listings begin in the main column directly below the paid Adwords.

So what?

Organic page one results are hard work, paid listings are not. Google Adwords are a tactic to jump to the front of the cue without the SEO legwork and presents you with an opportunity to get your offering in pole position.

Precision guided

All our client’s Adwords campaigns are targeted and ROI (return on investment) demonstrated every step of the way. Whilst it’s a given digital marketing agencies know how to set Adwords campaigns what we bring to the table is a briefcase crammed with proven direct marketing tactics and creative copy talent with chutzpah!