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PPC - Pay Per Click


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PPC - Pay Per Click

If you enter a term describing one of your products or services in Google (make sure you use www.impersonal.me to bleach Google preferences) and you are not on page one we can remedy this rapidly with a targeted pay per click (PPC) campaign.

Facebook advertising

Dismiss facebook advertising at your peril. It’s an influential social media channel where we can give your brand voice. We can deploy facebook advertising campaigns within hours aimed directly at your target audience.


Twitter ads are now available in the UK. We can broadcast your tweets any time of the day and let you in on insider tips on how to nurture your twitter audience and answer the commonly thrown question, “what’s the point?” All PPC campaigns are targeted. We can focus broadcasts at specific geographic areas, days of the week, by keyword & demographic variables so your ads are precision guided aimed firmly at the sweet spot.