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How to get accurate ranking scores

Posted on: January 14th, 2014 by David Honan No Comments

Ability to accurately check where your keywords rank in the search engines is a useful tool, but there is a right way and a wrong way. Imagine it’s Monday morning and you want to check if all that content you uploaded a couple of weeks back really did lift your rankings. You’d probably pop open Google search, enter the terms manually and leap for joy when you see your target terms top of the pops.

But before you shout about it your scores are jinxed. Google preferences have honed into what you’re searching for and presented you with biased results.

For accurate ranking scores you need to bleach your search history and you can do this using two tools for free.


Download Firefox @ www.mozilla.org as your browser if you haven’t got it already. In Firefox’s address bar key in www.impersonal.me You’ll next get a weird looking batman-esque graphic and a search box. Enter your keywords in this search box, now you get accurate ranking scores.

Firefox Rank Checker

Via your Firefox browser enter this url in the address bar: addons.mozilla.org Now enter “rank checker” in the “search for add-ons box.” Once found download and you’re ready to go. Now you’ve got Firefox’s rank checker you can enter multiple keywords, export reports and have the confidence that your ranking scores are accurate.

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