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There are now more SEO (search engine optimisation) consultants than window cleaners (source: me). It’s a crowded space and everyone is shouting very loudly promising one big lie “we can look after all your SEO needs and you don’t have to lift a finger”.

The truth is it’s a two way process between agency and client. First and foremost we need to get to know your business from the get go. This means us listening and the client sharing.

We’ll produce relevant reports which means us understanding your business goals and the client defining them.

We’ll define your content needs & populate your website. This means committing to a content schedule and giving article production the same level of respect as producing your brochureware.

We’ll set up your social media broadcast platform, which means you’ll have to shrug off prejudice against facebook and Twitter.

Let me hear you growl!

Are you ready to join team Jack Russell? Then let me hear you growl.