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Google analytics reports can feel like data overload, reminiscent of the first time you were introduced to algebra. Our bespoke Google analytics reports are tailored to give you stats relevant to your business. Our reports can answer questions like: “Tell me which social media platform delivers most of my traffic?”, “What time on Tuesdays does our traffic peak?” & “What sites refer converting traffic to my shopping cart?”


Google analytics without customisations is an unloved analytics tool and much of its gifts will be locked out to you. Look now at your analytics data and if you can’t see anything in the campaigns, search engine optimisation and events tab then your Google analytics account needs TLC. We’ll give it the love it needs and fully customise your data giving you visibility into a range of actionable data.


Mining analytics data can be a grind but we’ll do the shovelling for you. For example, we can deliver a bespoke analytics report direct to your inbox all condensed into an easily digestible dashboard.